The Miter Daddy

The Miter Daddy helps you hold thin-wall bicycle tubing in a milling machine vise for mitering operations. It is capable of holding .75” / 19mm tubing all the way up to 1.875” / 47.6mm tubing. It can also hold tapered and non-round tubes.

The Miter Daddy comes standard now with two top clamps! I used to charge extra for this and it was called the “grandaddy variant” but it’s now included standard for the same price.

For holding smaller tubing, check out The Miter Buddy, which was developed for the small end of seat stays, chain stays, and fork blades.

The body of the tool is 3” wide, which makes it easy to get on the tubing centerline using an edge finder, and if your vise is sloppy you can pack the empty side of your vise with a 1-2-3 block.

With the optional use of a 3/8” dowel pin (included) you can easily pivot the tool in the vise to set the angle, but if you don’t have a Kurt-style vise with 1/2” socket head cap screws, you can remove the pin easily, as it’s only retained with a set screw (4mm allen wrench.)