Bottom Bracket Sub-Assembly Kit

The Bottom Bracket Sub-Assembly Kit is part of the Stay Slayer Ecosystem. It’s not necessary for all applications or workflows so it’s not included as standard equipment in all configurations of the Stay Slayer.

The intended use here is as follows: Miter your chain stays, load the dropouts on the tip end and with the BBSAK add your Bottom Bracket, then weld or braze out a chainstay sub-assembly.

The kit doesn’t include BB Outside Washers or BB Adapters, which can be purchased separately per your need, or can be shared if you already have The Creator Frame Fixture.

Why build Chain Stay Sub-Assemblies? Well, the rear end of the bike is typically harder to fabricate than the front end. Ensure you get it right before moving forward. Give yourself better welding/brazing access when hitting these challenging spots. Fixture the BB and dropouts before you ever remove the CS tubing from the tool, which could provide better rigidity/accuracy than whatever other fixturing you have.

The aluminum mount is slotted to permit adjustment in where you place the BB. You have +/- 2mm range in X and +/- 12mm in Y.

The BB mount is ported for argon backpurge using an M12 x 1.5mm straight threaded connector such as this.

The Kit includes:
-BB Mount and BB Post
-The Weld Nub for TIG welder ground clamp
-Two BB spacer shims
-M8 x 120 Socket Head Cap Screw and washer for clamping a Bottom Bracket.