Ep. 14 Whit Johnson of Meriwether Cycles


This week I share my interview with Whit Johnson of Meriwether cycles. Whit has been a huge nerd about framebuilding for a long time. If you are learning framebuilding from internet resources, you’ve likely come across his blog where he documented his learning process in the years since he took a framebuilding class. Whit is a bonafide professional builder, and he has made lots of bikes, but he still loves trying something new with every build and talking about the details.

We talked a lot in our conversation about his history with framebuilding, how the bike world has changed over the years, why segmented steel forks rule, and about some of the challenges of being a builder as a business.

Follow Whit on Instagram and check out his website.

Ep. 13: Adam Sklar of Sklar Bikes


I talk to Adam Sklar of Sklar Bikes about his history with framebuilding, how he learned to build bikes without taking a class, how he came to be very interested in running his business, how his background in Mechanical Engineering sometimes can come into play with the bikes he builds, and of course we talk about #danglebongs.

You can follow Adam on Instagram and learn more about his very cool bikes on his website.

Ep. 11: Drew Guldalian of Engin Cycles


Drew Guldalian of Engin Cycles is one of my favorite bike framebuilders and he makes some super-remarkable bicycles. We discuss what drives the direction of the work he does and why he doesn’t like to accept any compromises in his process.

Drew builds Titanium bicycles in his shop in Philadelphia, PA utilizing a machine-heavy process.

Follow Drew on Instagram and check out his website.

Ep. 10: Bina Bilenky of The Philly Bike Expo


This week I share my interview with Bina Bilenky of the Philly Bike Expo. This is the show’s tenth year and Bina does a great job organizing it. We talk about the show’s history, how it has changed over the years, about the value of networking, the afterparties, and the seminars.

I encourage anyone who can to come to the show this year on November 2 & 3. Follow on instagram and order your tickets now on the PBE website.

Ep. 9: Brian Chapman of Chapman Cycles


Brian Chapman of Chapman Cycles builds classic bicycles with artistry and mastery. I ask Brian about his history with framebuiding, what it’s like to work with others vs working alone, and about his advice for new builders.

Brian is known for building with classic techniques and aesthetic, and he makes super terrific bicycles. 

Check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

Ep. 8: Erik Noren of Peacock Groove

Erik at NAHBS with the Award-winning Prince tribute bike.

Erik at NAHBS with the Award-winning Prince tribute bike.

This week we talk to Erik Noren of Peacock Groove. Erik has been building bikes for decades and has made some remarkable bikes. He has won awards at NAHBS and been recognized outside of the custom bike world, too. He is humble but he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Erik is sweet and generous, and brings a refreshing take to the framebuilding world. He’s made it well into 2019 without a proper website, all while maintaining a business in the heart of MPLS with real overhead, and for decades. If anyone could make it happen through hard work and perseverance, it’s Erik.

Check him out on Instagram, and for fuck’s sake, grease your goddamned seatpost!

Ep. 7: Carl Strong of Strong Frames and Pursuit Cycles


This week we talk to Carl Strong, and we mostly talk about the business of bicycle framebuilding. Carl is open and opinionated about the business of custom framebuilding. It was super helpful to me to read other interviews with him, and so as a guest on the show I wanted to focus on the business side of things. We discuss what a successful model can look like, what the biggest challenges are to getting there, and we also talk about his newer business venture - Pursuit Cycles.

Definitely check out his website, follow him on Instagram, subscribe to his Youtube Channel, and check out these other interviews.

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Ep. 6: Wade Beauchamp of Vulture Cycles

This week we talk to Wade Beauchamp from Vulture Cycles about how he learned to make bikes, the continuing education he received over the years, the time he spent working full time as a framebuilder, and the time he spent doing other work.

We talk about how doing bicycle framebuilding full time changes the nature of the work, and sometimes you can get jaded about the bike handmade industry.

We also discuss fillet brazing and tig welding techniques, the craziest bikes Wade ever built, and some of the mistakes he made in business.

Be sure to check out Wade’s work on Instagram as well as the Vulture Cycles Flickr.

Photo by John Watson

Photo by John Watson

Ep. 5: Jeremy Shlachter of Gallus Cycles


In the fifth episode of the Shut Up and Build Bikes Podcast, I interview Jeremy Shlachter of Gallus Cycles. Jeremy is known for building steel bikes in a classic style. Most of his bikes have a 1” threaded fork that he builds with the frame, lots of hand work, and often custom racks and stems. He does this well and has been making bikes like these for at least a decade.

We talk about framebuilding, managing to stay organized as a builder, cnc machining, and advice he has for newer builders.

Be sure to check out Jeremy’s work on Instagram as well as the Gallus Cycles Website.