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Popular Tools

The Creator Frame Fixture

A quality frame fixture is possibly the most important investment in a framebuilding shop. Expand your overall capability, quality, and efficiency.

The Toob Bender

Control the bending. Whether you build understated or whimsical bikes, you need the capacity to bend on your terms.

The Stay Slayer

Seat stays. Both ends. Chain stays, too. Built to take a damn cut. It’ll even do chainstay sub assemblies. Hell it can probably prepare your tax return.

Joe’s Toob Bender is a fantastic bit of kit, takes up very little space in the workshop and allows you to bend tubes with very little effort in no time at all. Another great thing is repeatabilty due to nice graduations on the bend dies and a bend arm thats easy to control due to the minimal effort required to use it! Best tool in my workshop without a doubt, customer service is second to none too!

James Egercz

@jimbuildsbikes, Hythe, UK

Joe and his team have put together a product, in the Creator Fixture, that is truly amazing. This American-made masterpiece of a tool is visually appealing, artfully made and incredibly well thought out. After trying several other fixtures in past years, I recently pulled the trigger on the Creator and I couldn’t be happier. The ease of welding access, intuitive setup, and the inherent rigidity of the fixture has enhanced my product offering. My favourite feature (if you missed it in his videos) is that the entire fixture spins on its mount, allowing easy welding access to the underside of the frame.

Corey Kruchkowski

Calgary, Alberta

Bending light wall tubing safely and effectively allows the custom frame builder to follow both functional form and a creative path. I chose Joe’s Cobra bender simply because it’s compact and takes little time to set up, bend what’s necessary, and continue with my order of operation. It’s a pleasure to operate and provides repeatable results time and again.

Dale Marchand

@rollingdalecycles, Alberta, Canada

I was first attracted to The Creator’s novel design and smart useability features. The design-quality and in-hand quality are excellent. It’s a tool that not only functions to support my frame fixture needs, but with smooth action adjustments is a joy to use and set up. Straight… clever… simple… easy-to-use… versatile… all wrapped in one elegant package.

Matt Appleman

@applemanbicycles, Minneapolis, Minnesota

We’re all-in on making tools for bicycle framebuilders.

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