Stay Spacer Rod

The Stay Spacer Rod is part of the Stay Slayer Ecosystem. It’s not necessary for all applications or workflows so it’s not included as standard equipment in all configurations of the Stay Slayer.

This piece can be mounted into the Dummy Axle Holder and effectively functions as an 8mm rod that runs through the axis of the rear hub/dummy axle. It has laser etched graduations that read the width about fixture centerline. Intended use is as an end stop for stays and a width reference. We will eventually have some bits which slide over the rod and can be used for stay-end referencing. These will include a dummy dropout tab and a cone, but possibly also features that mimic dropout hoods.

They’re actually pretty expensive to manufacture and in many cases users will prefer to use a dummy axle and their actual dropouts to perform these functions anyway. As such it’s not standard on the base model chain stay configuration of the Stay Slayer, but you can buy it separately here.