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Stay Slayer

DIMENSIONS you might want to know
Stay Spacer .STL Library

We’ve made a library of Stay Spacer .STL files for 3D printing in plastics. These can be incredibly effective! They provide a positive stop locating the stays a known distance away from the centerline of the tool. The spacers sit 90mm back from the centerline of the Bottom Bracket as shown on the BB Mitering layout grid. The next update of Bike CAD will include this dimension as a direct output, but until then it’s easy to measure in the Aux Stay View. Alternatively, you can do your own layout work on paper, cardboard, or in other CAD software.

We don’t offer these parts for sale at this time, but we do encourage folks to buy their own 3D printers. They’re amazing for a small framebuilding shop!

This download includes .STL files for spacers between 32mm and 100mm for even numbers.


Tire Dummy .STL Library
Use these plastic 3d-printed tire dummies to help layout chain stays on the Stay Slayer.