Fixture Posts

These Fixture Posts are part of the Stay Slayer Ecosystem. Some applications and workflows call for different numbers of either type of Fixture Post and not all configurations of the Stay Slayer come standard with as many of each type as you may uniquely desire.

There is a “Chain Stay” and “Seat Stay” version of this product. The Chain Stay version is intended to hold larger diameter tubes and oval profile chainstays. The Seat Stay version is intended to hold smaller diameter tubes which are round, or closer to being round.

Like all of the Fixture posts that come with The Stay Slayer — T nuts are made in house from 1018 steel and black zinc coated. Fasteners are M6 with 5mm hex head (essentially every adjustment on the Stay Slayer can be made with the same 5mm allen wrench.)

Fixture posts hold tubes 33mm above the base surfaces to which they mount.

Fixture posts are sold in pairs — one Right and one Left of a given spec.