BB Adapter

Bottom Bracket Adapters for The Creator frame fixture are Flip/Flop in nature. One adapter covers two WIDTHS of the same BB spec.

Adapters are based on 1mm oversize shell widths. When using .5mm oversize, use ONE .25mm shim between the BB post and the adapter. When using finish-width shells, such as when building composite bicycles, use TWO .5mm shims. BB Adapters are named based on size of BB shell that they will center in the frame fixture with no shims.

Adapters are made from stainless steel in our shop. We do our best to keep anything common in stock and ready to ship. Inquire for customs and we’ll do our best to get it made and shipped PRONTO.

Some BB shells work better than others. See image carousel for example photos. We can make customs if necessary.