The Miter Buddy

Never dent tapered tubes again, and get the rock solid workholding you need to take a confident cut and move on.

  • Ideal for use on a vertical mill with Kurt-style vise and magnetic digital angle gauge

  • Also works on horizontal mills

  • Tube diameters from 9.5 to 19mm (.375”-.75”)

  • Set angle of cut once — make multiple cuts at the exact same angle

  • Tube centerline is always 1.5” (38.1mm) from the fixed vise jaw, regardless of tube diameter or angle of cut — easily miter on center

  • Removable 3/8” dowel pin makes adjusting the angle of cut smooth on Kurt-style vises

  • If you have a vise with lots of slop, use a 3” “packing block” for best results — this means even with a super cheap/worn out vise you can get great performance

  • This is a”first operation” tool to prepare the dropout end of the tube before loading the tubes into the seat stay or chainstay mitering fixture

  • Made in Grand Rapids, MI

Watch the 1-minute video demonstration or the in-depth 20-minute demonstration for more info.

For holding larger tubing, check out The Miter Daddy, which was developed for main tube mitering.