The Stay Slayer

This is the premier framebuilding tool for mitering seat stays and chain stays. Its standard features and robust build quailty are unparalleled.

The primary intended uses for this tool:

  • CS/BB Miters
  • CS Tip Miters
  • SS/ST Miters
  • SS Tip Miters
  • CS sub-assemblies including dropouts and BB
  • CS Flatmount Mitering
  • Some Unicrown Mitering applications

Watch the product introduction/overview video on YouTube.



Stay Slayer BENEFITS:

  • Versatile — build with fewer limitations
  • Quality Construction — better cutting action makes for better cuts and better results in less time
  • Clever and thoughtful details everywhere — your setup and mitering will be as fast and simple as possible
  • Configurable — order only what you need with the freedom to add more later
  • Impactful — rear end bicycle fabrication is very challenging and this tool makes a huge difference in any shop
  • Cobra Support — 3D printed accessory downloads, Youtube videos, and email access are here to see you get the most from your investment

Stay Slayer Features:

  • Fixture table and sandwich plate help to phase tubing with bends and to fixture tubes during setup.
  • Fixture table height adjustment is graduated with millimeter scale and sick wing nuts
  • Fixture table can be effortlessly removed for unusually short scale setups
  • Tire dummy holder supports 3D printed tire dummies. (not available yet but soon, or print your own)
  • Bottom Bracket layout grid including references for common BB widths and diameters
  • All adjustment screws can be turned with the same size 5mm hex
  • Fixture Rear has laser etched millimeter scale for symmetry at the tip end
  • Tip Spacer Rod also has laser etched millimeter scale for symmetry at the tip end
  • Rear dummy axle holder for fixturing the dropouts and doing subassembly work
  • Y-axis adjustable dummy axle holder with laser etched millimeter scale
  • X-axis adjustable dummy axle holder with CNC engraved millimeter scale
  • BB Holder for doing Chainstay sub-assemblies in the fixture — designed to work with the BB adapters, shims, and outside washers seen on The Creator Frame Fixture — even ported for argon back purge
  • Vise grabber block has removable 3/8″ pins which key into the cap screws found on a Kurt 6″ vise — this just makes seat stay mitering easier and more enjoyable
  • Rear Vise bar gives you somewhere to clamp rigidly while mitering the tip ends of stay tubing

Chainstay Light Configuration:

  • Fixture Table Omitted
  • Stay Tip Spacer Rod Omitted
  • Bottom Bracket Sub-Assembly Kit Omitted
  • Round Vise Grabber Omitted
  • All Seat Stay Type Fixture Posts Omitted
  • Rear Vise Bar Omitted
  • Fixture Rear Omitted


  • Fixture Table Omitted
  • Stay Tip Spacer Rod Omitted
  • Bottom Bracket Sub-Assembly Kit Omitted
  • Round Vise Grabber Omitted

Basic Seat Stay Configuration:

  • Bottom Bracket Sub-Assembly Kit Omitted
  • Includes 4 Seat Stay Fixture Posts
  • Chain Stay Fixture Posts Omitted

"Just Give Me Everything" Configuration:

  • Includes Four Seat Stay Fixture Posts and Two Chain Stay Fixture Posts
  • Includes Everything we make for the Stay Slayer Ecosystem apart from specific BB adapters and Outside Washers
The story is that Joel Greenblatt of Clockwork Bikes developed a series of seat stay mitering fixtures in his shop for his process. After a couple rounds of designs he got to something he was quite happy with and asked if we’d run with it and offer it to the public. We really liked the design and took it on. What you see now is not exactly the same tool, but it’s obviously inspired by it. We’ve converted all dimensions and hardware to metric, added a bunch of features, tweaked a ton of details, and we’ve been able to bring it up to a high cosmetic level with laser etching, filleted edges, contrasting anodize, etc.

Videos and better pictures are coming but reach out if you have any questions: