Tapered Stay Holding Blocks


Just for kicks I’m selling off some old parts I found.

This is your last chance to buy any manually machined parts from Cobra Framebuilding, and if you are a fan of what Cobra Framebuilding has become it’s a chance to buy a piece of our history, lol.

These were the first product I ever produced for sale starting in 2016. They were eventually replaced by The Miter Buddy. I made these on a 1967 Bridgeport mill and a 1967 Clausing lathe. Crank handles, baby! They’re not even anodized and the surface finishes are poor by the Cobra standards of 2023, but they work and there are still a few builders using these daily.

I originally sold them for $80 a pair and they were part of what gave me the inclination to buy my first CNC mill and start the business earnestly. If you bought a pair way back then, thank you.

Here is a video review that Steve at Pithy Bikes made.


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