Rear-end fixturing assistance kit (updated Fall 2023)

The rear end of the bike can be particularly fiddly to put together and this supplementary kit aims to reduce the toil and tedium.

Chainstay/Bottom Bracket Zone:

  • Spacers reference inside of chainstays
  • Pointers reference a MM scale
  • This is adjustable for various chainstay spacings, helps establish tire and chainring clearance, and can be used as a reference for center
  • Elastic bands (hair ties) hold the tubes to the shoulder bolts
  • *NEW* holder arm clamps much more rigidly than on the previous version
  • *NEW* in-house machined stainless steel screws with knurled heads (Previously M6 x 40 shoulder bolts, but these are way nicer)

The Seat Stay/Seat Tube Zone:

  • Includes stainless steel “sandwich plate” to hold tubes
  • Helps hold stays, but it also helps phase bends
  • The V notch on this plate can be used as a center reference
  • M6 tapped holes can be used for all sorts of things
  • *NEW* User-calibration for V notch centerline is now supported
  • *NEW* Wider than previous iteration
  • *NEW* adjustment is smoother and lockup is more rigid

Stay Tip Zone:

  • All four stay tips get rod-and-nub helpers
  • These help keep tubes in place on the dropouts and establish spacing
  • *NEW* The Summer 2023 DA Holder update made the mount for these arms integral – no more side to side rocking
  • *NEW* laser-cut stainless washers (chainlink shape) provide anti-rotation for the arm adjustment knobs – arm swing and arm friction are now independent and use is improved

This kit isn’t a standard feature on The Creator because not everyone’s building style calls for these details. If you build with subassemblies or plug dropouts, you might not find it worthwhile. For the rest of us, it’s a lovely addition.