33mm Pointer

It’s finally here!

This pointer is used on the Stay Slayer to help set up for a cut on your machine. With a pointer in the machine spindle you can jog the machine table to where the pointers meet.

This pointer works for all three axes — the M6 threaded hole at the center of the bottom bracket layout grid gets you on position in two axes and the height of the pointer gets your third axis. The tubes, regardless of size or shape, will always sit 33mm above the Front Plate on the fixture. Since this pointer is 33mm high, it can be used as a reference to get your spindle axis aligned for the centerline height of the tubes (or a measured distance offline) prior to your cut.

Stay Slayers purchased after July 1st, 2023 have this pointer included as standard. If you purchased a Stay Slayer prior to July 2023, you can buy this pointer for $1 plus shipping. If you don’t own a Stay Slayer, please pay full price in the drop down menu. Thank you!