Simple Tandem Attachment

Expand your capability – build tandem frames on The Creator Frame Fixture!

This attachment allows you to join a tandem rear end and a tandem front end on your Creator. This will not support the construction of the whole frame at once – rather, you build the rear triangle, remove it from the fixture, swap some parts around on the fixture, and finish the build. The fixture’s standard front triangle supports the front of your tandem basically the same as ever. The tandem attachment provides a mounting point for the rear end bottom bracket. You can connect the front to the rear.

The Simple Tandem Attachment is used to set the rear BB in it’s correct XY position. The rotation angle of the rear triangle need to be set either with a digital angle gauge, or by using the mitered top tube length. You can use one as a check against the other.

The Simple Tandem Attachment is optimized to be a lower cost option to expand the function of the fixture for the more than 100 fixture owners around the globe. If you build many tandems you might prefer a more purpose-built tandem fixture. We might eventually offer a full tandem version of The Creator Frame Fixture, but we don’t have plans to at this time. It would cost much more than the standard frame fixture and the length of the main extrusion would likely be cumbersome when building single-rider bicycles.

This product includes the Tandem BB Mount, the Tandem Mount Track, a green mm scale pointer for Y axis adjustment, angle t-stud, and adjustable handle. You can bolt this to your Creator frame fixture’s DA slide plate in a minute or two with standard tools. There are already screws and pins for locating the Tandem Mount Track.

The Y-axis reading on the Tandem BB Mount Track is a direct reading of the tandem BB Y axis position relative to the fixture’s primary BB. Using the DA Slide Plate’s X axis scale and green pointer you can derive the tandem bb’s X axis position. The correction factor is 120mm.