Head Tube Adapter/Puck

These adapter pucks are used to support the bottom end of the head tube on The Creator frame fixture.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Engraved for size
  • M16 x 2mm thread
  • Intended for lower head tube, but interchangeable with upper head tube and upper seat tube
  • These are the standard sizes based on commonly available head tubes

Although these stock-sized adapters work well in many cases, custom sized adapters are beneficial and even necessary in other cases. This is especially true for builders working with composites and other processes. Whether or not you have welding or brazing distortion and an associated reaming process afterword will require the pilot diameter of your head tube adapter to bigger be smaller. We size the stock head tube adapters for traditional metal fabrication.

We have developed a custom-size head tube adapter program which will be linked here soon, or just reach out via email – joe@cobraframebuilding.com