Fixture Stand Plate

This is the base plate of our Bench Mount Stand (shipping standard with The Creator) and here you can buy it as an individual piece if you’d like to weld it into your own custom stand in your shop. This is the perfect way to bolt our bench mount stand to something custom.

We also offer a fully welded and powdercoated rolling stand with this plate welded on top, but if you can’t wait or you want to fabricate your own custom stand, here you go. Or if you don’t want to pay to ship the stand internationally, you can buy the DIY rolling stand kit or at least pick up this piece to speed up the fabrication on your end.

It’s made from .25” (6.35mm) thick mild steel and measures 4” square on the outside. The bolt hole pattern is designed to fit BOTH 3/8” x 3” and 10mm x 75mm (the four outer holes are actually diagonal slots.)

Laser cut to our spec at a shop just down the street from Cobra HQ.