DA Holder (Updated Summer, 2023)

We’ve updated the DA Holder with some significant improvements.

-The main adjustment-clamping bolt is now at a 20º angle. This draws the DA Holder into a more positive and rigid position on the fixture so nothing moves around on you.
-The way that the stay rod plates mount to the DA holder is improved. There used to be a separate piece that would mount below the DA Holder as a mount for the stay rod plates (which hold the stainless rods with green nubs.) Now that mount is built into the DA Holder and it means that the interface can’t slide around.
-The stay rod plates are now clamped under laser-cut anti-rotation washers. Previously, when swinging the stay rod plates to adjust their position, it would adjust the clamping tension they were under. With the new laser-cut washers (looks like a bike chain link) the clamping tension and the adjustment of the arms is completely independent. Marvelous!

Ships as pictured with the 20º T nut and laser cut washers. Compatible with all Creator Frame Fixtures.