Sidewinder Single-Side Chainstay 2″ Miter Yoke V12

Intended for short-chainstay, fat-tire, boost crankset 29r bikes, the sidewinder will make your build go a whole lot easier.

  • BB Pre-Miter for 2” OD BB Shell

  • Chainstay boss is 17.1mm OD for use with a .75”/19mm round chainstay

  • 105 Grams

  • Machined from 4130 plate

  • Designed around a maximum 36t boost chainring

  • Designed around a 2.6” 29r tire at 415mm CS length, but there are multiple variables at play here so you have to do your own calculations and confirmations for your use case

  • 2.8” at 420mm should work well also, but again, you have to do your own engineering for your use case

  • The pinch-point between the chainring and tire is 6.5mm

Download the .step File | Download the .PDF File