Fork Blade Bending Setup – 6″ radius

Use the Cobra Toob Bender to bend traditional steel fork blades and more.

  • Works with all Toob Benders
  • Comes with articulating bend die, follow bar, and clamp block
  • Articulates to allow more bending range – especially useful to bend more than is needed and then cut from the tip of the tube, resulting in a bend which goes to the tip itself
  • Larger radius die is coming soon
  • Can be used for bending some seat stays and chainstays of various diameters and profiles
  • Clamp Block natively supports 11.5-14.5mm tube diameters – larger tubes can be accommodated with the larger-sized round-profile clamp blocks, and smaller diameter tubes can be held with the use of packing material. More clamping profile blocks might be released at a later date.
  • Twin bend channels are .875″ spaced – just like the rest of our double dies. Bending tubing of larger width than .875″ presents issues because of the spatial interference between the tubing