Ep. 4: Rudi Jung of Black Magic Paint


In the fourth episode of the Shut Up and Build Bikes Podcast, I interview one of my favorite painters, Rudi Jung of Black Magic Paint. Rudi has built about 30 custom bikes under the brand Gold Coast, but you’d know him a lot better by his work painting bikes at Black Magic Paint — a business that he started about 4 years ago with his business partner, Ben. He doesn’t build bikes anymore, but I think that experience makes him a great guest on our show.

We talk about framebuilding, paint work, the DIY “can do” attitude that it takes to get things done, and we talk about his motorcycle accident that resulted in the loss of the use of his right arm and what that has meant for his business and his life.

Be sure to check out Rudi’s work on Instagram as well as the Black Magic Paint Website.