Ep. 3: Julie Ann Pedalino of Pedalino Bicycles


In the third episode of the Shut Up and Build Bikes Podcast, I interview another one of my favorite framebuilders, Julie Ann Pedalino of Pedalino Bicycles. Julie makes beautiful bicycles and is innovating some of the ways in which custom bikes get made — utilizing CNC machines for what usually has only been done by hand. She is continually exploring new techniques and trying new things in a way I can definitely relate to.

We talk about CNC machining lug sleeves, painting bikes, getting into titanium frames and anodizing them, the ways that a handmade process can better address the fit needs of some cyclists, and about some of her experiences as a woman in a largely male-occupied industry.

Next week we interview Rudi from Black Magic Paint.

Be sure to check out Julie Ann Pedalino’s work on Instagram as well as her website.