Ep. 1: Kris Henry of 44 Bikes


In the inaugural episode of the Shut Up and Build Bikes Podcast, I interview one of my favorite framebuilders, Kris Henry of 44 Bikes. As Kris puts it, he specializes in “anything that has knobs that touches dirt.” With 44 Bikes, he offers made-to-measure TIG welded steel and titanium frames. He is especially known for his hardtail mountain bikes.

In this episode, we talk about the most satisfying parts of bicycle framebuilding, how he got interested in framebuilding in the first place, what role he really plays in the process with a customer, and more. This episode should pack a lot of value for new or experiences framebuilders, or anyone interested in the process!

Be sure to check out Kris Henry’s work on 44 Bikes on Instagram and Flickr, as well as his website.